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Helen & Chad

We had the pleasure of capturing Helen & Chad during their special day at the world famous Mandarin Oriental hotel in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire day was filled with laughs, love, and beauty in all aspects. Check out the video to get a glimpse at their awesome day. Congrats you two!


Jasmine & Jason

Jasmine has been a huge fan of our work for as long as we can remember. She’s an awesome gal, and hilarious to boot! What’s better is that she has always supported our vision and style, so of course when she asked for us to cover her Wedding, we had to say yes! Check out the video of the lovely couple. I’d dare anyone to tell me you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone as awesome as her, because it’s not gonna happen. Congrats guys!



A while back I met Wesley and Pamela through some very interesting real-life-friendster type of situations. You know, the situations where you’re somehow socially intertwined with strangers (or who you think are strangers) but turn out to be closer acquaintances than you’d expect? Well yes, we had one of those encounters.

Wesley said that he was a huge fan of our work, and that he was getting married in the coming months. He knew that we typically don’t do wedding type of work, but we’ll often make exceptions if the couples are great (and they definitely were) and were open to a different type of direction than you’d normally find wedding work to be. After a bit of convincing (and it didn’t take much, haha) we set a path to make a combination wedding/video/slideshow montage!

They recently tied the knot, so we’d just like to say…





We don’t typically shoot weddings, but once every blue moon we’ll end up helping out some friends, and this past was no different. Got to witness my first filipino wedding. Strangely there was no alcohol, dance floor, or magic mic… (im confused)

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