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The 1975

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been finding a lot of new good music lately, and it’s not anything EDM or Trap related. Maybe it’s because i’ve been listening to so much electronic dance music for the past couple of years that i’m starting to appreciate traditional instrumental bands again? Or maybe there’s a ton of great, new, young talent out there?!¬†Either way, I’m always super happy to find new music that I enjoy. It makes me feel like I just found a four leaf clover on the street or something. hah.

The 1975 have a great synth and modern 80s sound to them.
That Manchester swag definitely kicks it up a notch too.

I’m really digging the atmospheric guitar sounds and the vocals. Just a great vibe overall.

Check out their self-titled album if you can. I usually rummage through an entire album and only keep songs that I genuinely like from an record. A “good album” to me is when I can find myself keeping about 70% of the songs. I’ve kept 95% of the songs on the deluxe album, so what does that say? Definitely excited to see how these guys progress.

Love their music so far.



If you know me, you know that i’m a sucker for 80’s ballads and phil collins. I just ran into this song by St. Lucia called Elevate (coincidentally very appropriate title for this website), whose album is now in rotation on my playlist. This is such a perfect soundtrack song.

Don’t be surprised if I end up featuring it on one of my personal videos. Enjoy!