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Daniel Magazine

Daniel Magazine is a leading lifestyle magazine for driven and hard working individuals. Originally just a magazine geared towards gay asian males, Daniel Magazine is gearing up for a rebranding this coming fall to include both the gay and straight community. We were lucky enough to capture some behind the scenes moments of their photoshoot, as well as an interview segment for an upcoming video we’re producing for them. They have a phenomenal understanding that the magazine should be geared towards driven and successful individuals, because those are actual qualities that define a persons character, as opposed to sexual orientation.

Check out some pictures below of some behind the scenes shots with some of the crew, and a sneak peak of what’s to come. Be sure to stay tuned!

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Arriany & Vintage Cars

We met up with our longtime friend and photobombing master, Sam Hon of Optical Panacea for his shoot with UFC ring girl, Ms. Arianny Celeste. We’ve shot many fun BTS (behind the scenes) shoots with them before, and this was no exception! Check out some stills from the shoot:

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Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club is known pretty well in the Las Vegas day club scene. Located at what is typically called Surrender at the Encore, EBC is looking to launch it’s latest iteration by combining it’s nightclub element with the pool party vibe. Encore Beach Club At Night is premiering in the coming months, and we handled a behind the scenes video shoot as we joined photographer/artist Sam Hon of Optical Panacea for the new ad campaign.

It was a pretty long day, but everyone was extremely talented and professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with others who have such high standards for their craft. From makeup & hair, wardrobe, talent, and even production assistants. Check out the image gallery above for some hints on what’s in store for the behind the scenes promo video that we’re putting together!


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