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April showers

Excuse our lack of updates. April ramped up quite quickly in the office and we’ve been busy shooting various projects and designing/animating a few campaigns. We’re venturing into some new territory as well and expanding our client portfolio. Here’s a small hint of some of the things we’ve been dabbling into. Come back and check us out very soon for some more Salty Tiers shenanigans!




Brenden & Le saw our video for the FreedomCase and were very interested in having us film and produce a promo for their brainchild product: Squadle. Squadle hub is a digital task management tool for restaurant chains. The Squadle hub replaces all of the paper checklists, spreadsheets, and logbooks with a lightweight, sleek, tablet that anyone can easily pick up and use. We’re not the only ones who think that this product is nifty; they’ve already been implemented in various franchise chains like Burger King, Denny’s, and also multiple Sonics drive-in’s.

Check out the video for more information regarding their awesome software and tablet. If you’re in the industry we’d highly suggest you check out their website and even request a free demo. It’s a pretty damn cool concept.

For more information please visit


Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club is known pretty well in the Las Vegas day club scene. Located at what is typically called Surrender at the Encore, EBC is looking to launch it’s latest iteration by combining it’s nightclub element with the pool party vibe. Encore Beach Club At Night is premiering in the coming months, and we handled a behind the scenes video shoot as we joined photographer/artist Sam Hon of Optical Panacea for the new ad campaign.

It was a pretty long day, but everyone was extremely talented and professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with others who have such high standards for their craft. From makeup & hair, wardrobe, talent, and even production assistants. Check out the image gallery above for some hints on what’s in store for the behind the scenes promo video that we’re putting together!


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Successfully funded!



Congrats to both of our recently shot KickStarter campaigns!

Both FREEDOMCASE & SCREWGRABBER were successfully funded this month, and are now in the mass manufacturing and fulfillment process! We were very honored to be apart of the team for both of these projects. Here’s to helping others realize their dreams!


Proposal Video

This is more of a personal project, but here is the video that the team helped me secretly film, and what I ended up editing of my proposal. Give it a look. For more detail, check out the full vimeo link below with more details regarding the proposal!


Screw Grabber

A while back we posted about filming a Ducatti going upwards of 130 MPH and a lot of you guys were curiously wondering what that was for. The answer to this was the Screw Grabber. Philip Kauffman and his team came to us and entrusted us with producing a KickStarter campaign video for his latest invention.

The Screw Grabber is a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. It’s quite simple and genius actually. It’s definitely a must have for all toolboxes!

Check out the campaign and KickStarter link below:


Surprise Proposal

Typically we don’t post too many personally things here on this blog, but this news is just too exciting NOT to share! This past weekend I got engaged!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in helping to make this possible: Irene, Vinh, Crystal, Walt.

Also thanks to the team (Brian / CJ / Michael) for helping to capture the special moment. You guys really are super sneaky with those cameras!

Click below the break to see some more pictures!


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The people have spoken!

The FreedomCase KickStarter launched less than a week ago and it’s been nothing short of successful. In fact, the team was able to FULLY meet their $40,000 pledge goal in UNDER 24 HOURS! WOW!

The response from the community has been great. They still have a little more than 3 weeks to go on their campaign, and they’re well over DOUBLE of their goal financial amount with almost 2,000 backers! We’re very happy and proud for their early success, and even happier that they were gracious enough to have us produce their video.




Scroll down a couple of posts to check out the video!


The month of Janubusy

The new year has been keeping us pretty busy. We have a lot of things that are in the works ranging from videos and interviews for cancer research facilities, Las Vegas digital marquee/billboard motion designs, restaurant branding and promos, and also a couple of kickstart campaigns that we’ve been involved in.

Stay tuned for some early previews or insider links for products that we’re helping to launch in the coming months!




BlizzCon 2013

Excuse the geekness of this post, but me and a few buddies of mine decided to attend BlizzCon this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is our second time at this convention, and it did not disappoint! Testing upcoming Blizzard games, watching our favorite professional StarCraft 2 players duke it out live on stage, grabbing some interesting swag, and just two days of celebrating my geekdom.

We’ll be back next year for sure!




So we’re up in Sacramento this week filming a promo for Urijah Faber and Torque MMA Gear. Tag teaming on the production again with señor Sam Hon from Honfoto.

The shoot had us following Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, Al Aiquinta, Andre Fili & Josh Emmett.

This is my second time in Sacramento and I was able to see more of it (the last time I just went to Urijah’s gym and back home) and the hospitality from everyone is super legit. Special thanks goes out to Scott James over at Torque MMA Gear and of course Urijah Faber!

Video coming soon!


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WeHo Halloween Carnival

For years I’ve heard about West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnival. Tonight, we were able to witness the madness for ourselves while filming Zen Freeman during his set at the Pulp Frictin stage. Pretty interesting turn of events tonight.

Zen Freeman killed it as usual!

Even Joe Ray from NERO showed up to say hello (seen in the image above wearing the blood splattered shirt with suit and tie)



“Dat skyline doe…”

Recently we headed over to Paul Oakenfold’s home in the Hollywood Hills to shoot some interview footage for a secret project we’re doing. Every time I’m there, I realize how gorgeous the view of downtown Los Angeles is. Living in L.A. I sometimes forget how nice the skyline is from so high up. He literally has a front row seat to most of the major fireworks displays during 4th of July, right in his backyard.


(I was watching Demolition Man recently)

paul_01 paul_02


That New-Neue

A lot has happened since the inception of this creative space as a whole. We’ve gotten bigger clients, and our scope of work seems to keep expanding. Along with progress must come changes.

Keep looking forward… never be satisfied!