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The 1975

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been finding a lot of new good music lately, and it’s not anything EDM or Trap related. Maybe it’s because i’ve been listening to so much electronic dance music for the past couple of years that i’m starting to appreciate traditional instrumental bands again? Or maybe there’s a ton of great, new, young talent out there?! Either way, I’m always super happy to find new music that I enjoy. It makes me feel like I just found a four leaf clover on the street or something. hah.

The 1975 have a great synth and modern 80s sound to them.
That Manchester swag definitely kicks it up a notch too.

I’m really digging the atmospheric guitar sounds and the vocals. Just a great vibe overall.

Check out their self-titled album if you can. I usually rummage through an entire album and only keep songs that I genuinely like from an record. A “good album” to me is when I can find myself keeping about 70% of the songs. I’ve kept 95% of the songs on the deluxe album, so what does that say? Definitely excited to see how these guys progress.

Love their music so far.


BlizzCon 2013

Excuse the geekness of this post, but me and a few buddies of mine decided to attend BlizzCon this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. This is our second time at this convention, and it did not disappoint! Testing upcoming Blizzard games, watching our favorite professional StarCraft 2 players duke it out live on stage, grabbing some interesting swag, and just two days of celebrating my geekdom.

We’ll be back next year for sure!




So we’re up in Sacramento this week filming a promo for Urijah Faber and Torque MMA Gear. Tag teaming on the production again with señor Sam Hon from Honfoto.

The shoot had us following Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, Al Aiquinta, Andre Fili & Josh Emmett.

This is my second time in Sacramento and I was able to see more of it (the last time I just went to Urijah’s gym and back home) and the hospitality from everyone is super legit. Special thanks goes out to Scott James over at Torque MMA Gear and of course Urijah Faber!

Video coming soon!


sac_12 sac_11 sac_10 sac_09 sac_08 sac_07 sac_06 sac_05  sac_03



If you know me, you know that i’m a sucker for 80′s ballads and phil collins. I just ran into this song by St. Lucia called Elevate (coincidentally very appropriate title for this website), whose album is now in rotation on my playlist. This is such a perfect soundtrack song.

Don’t be surprised if I end up featuring it on one of my personal videos. Enjoy!


WeHo Halloween Carnival

For years I’ve heard about West Hollywood’s Halloween Carnival. Tonight, we were able to witness the madness for ourselves while filming Zen Freeman during his set at the Pulp Frictin stage. Pretty interesting turn of events tonight.

Zen Freeman killed it as usual!

Even Joe Ray from NERO showed up to say hello (seen in the image above wearing the blood splattered shirt with suit and tie)



“Dat skyline doe…”

Recently we headed over to Paul Oakenfold’s home in the Hollywood Hills to shoot some interview footage for a secret project we’re doing. Every time I’m there, I realize how gorgeous the view of downtown Los Angeles is. Living in L.A. I sometimes forget how nice the skyline is from so high up. He literally has a front row seat to most of the major fireworks displays during 4th of July, right in his backyard.


(I was watching Demolition Man recently)

paul_01 paul_02



We don’t typically shoot weddings, but once every blue moon we’ll end up helping out some friends, and this past was no different. Got to witness my first filipino wedding. Strangely there was no alcohol, dance floor, or magic mic… (im confused)

stace_mike 1080bg_12


500 pound tuna!

While following around sushi chef extraordinaire Kenji Jampathong in the early morning for his mini-documentary we witnessed a 500 pound tuna. All I could think was how hungry I was, and how expensive 500 lbs. of tuna would cost in sushi terms…

kenji_03 kenji_02 kenji_01


135 MPH

What happens when you film a kickstarter campaign video, and your clients want to test out how much wind force their product can withstand?

You rig it to a Ducatti and have the driver take the bike up to 135 MPH

And what did I do? Well I decided to ride on a separate bike that rode parallel to the Ducatti… while trying to to film it of course!

You’re all just going to have to wait until the video comes out to see what the hell happened.



Le Strip

Back in Las Vegas again. It’s funny how now that I do work out here, I don’t really do the “normal” things people typically do in vegas when you’re on vacation.

No drinking.
No gambling.
All work.

Getting into vegas in the middle of the week has also been quite the experience. It’s quite funny to see how drastic the traffic conditions change once friday afternoon hits.

Maybe I should try to win money for another lens. BRB – passline is calling me!



That New-Neue

A lot has happened since the inception of this creative space as a whole. We’ve gotten bigger clients, and our scope of work seems to keep expanding. Along with progress must come changes.

Keep looking forward… never be satisfied!