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Helen & Chad

We had the pleasure of capturing Helen & Chad during their special day at the world famous Mandarin Oriental hotel in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire day was filled with laughs, love, and beauty in all aspects. Check out the video to get a glimpse at their awesome day. Congrats you two!


Diversity Expo 2014

City of Hope hosted its first Diversity Health Care Career Expo in the hopes of bringing awareness to students and professionals, of the many opportunities available in the healthcare field. The objective was to build awareness among the largely diverse population of Los Angeles about the field of healthcare by hosting a career and education expo at City of Hope’s campus in Duarte, CA.

Check out the video recap of the awesome event!


City of Hope – Hispanic Heritage

City of Hope came back to us to produce a short promo for their Hispanic Heritage celebration for the month of September. Check out the video as some of the community members and employees share their viewpoint and experiences through the City of Hope lens.



In anticipation of Daniel Magazine’s re-branded launch in autumn, they’ve released a splash page portal on their website along with the video we shot and produced for them. Click on the image below to give the video a look, or check it out at the top of this post!




Jasmine & Jason

Jasmine has been a huge fan of our work for as long as we can remember. She’s an awesome gal, and hilarious to boot! What’s better is that she has always supported our vision and style, so of course when she asked for us to cover her Wedding, we had to say yes! Check out the video of the lovely couple. I’d dare anyone to tell me you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone as awesome as her, because it’s not gonna happen. Congrats guys!



Check out the video above to view a snippet of festival madness known as the Electric Daisy Carnival, featuring Paul Oakenfold during his Trance Mission tour!



As promised, here is the property highlight video of “Oneida”. More details about this can be found in earlier blog postings. Enjoy!



Brenden & Le saw our video for the FreedomCase and were very interested in having us film and produce a promo for their brainchild product: Squadle. Squadle hub is a digital task management tool for restaurant chains. The Squadle hub replaces all of the paper checklists, spreadsheets, and logbooks with a lightweight, sleek, tablet that anyone can easily pick up and use. We’re not the only ones who think that this product is nifty; they’ve already been implemented in various franchise chains like Burger King, Denny’s, and also multiple Sonics drive-in’s.

Check out the video for more information regarding their awesome software and tablet. If you’re in the industry we’d highly suggest you check out their website and even request a free demo. It’s a pretty damn cool concept.

For more information please visit


LiveNation Tour Update

LiveNation came to us to redo their title openers/closers for their Tour Update videos. We worked together closely with Live Nation Labs’ art director James Hsu to produce this fun package (open / close / lower third) for their Tour Update series. Check it out!


Proposal Video

This is more of a personal project, but here is the video that the team helped me secretly film, and what I ended up editing of my proposal. Give it a look. For more detail, check out the full vimeo link below with more details regarding the proposal!



Not too long ago we had the pleasure of working with Farbod Shoraka, the CEO of BloomNation. BloomNation is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and send unique floral creations by local artisans across the country.

Farbod and his team had us create a short promo and highlight video of one of their celebratory events, which featured other shop owners and community members of BloomNation.

Visit their website for more information:


Screw Grabber

A while back we posted about filming a Ducatti going upwards of 130 MPH and a lot of you guys were curiously wondering what that was for. The answer to this was the Screw Grabber. Philip Kauffman and his team came to us and entrusted us with producing a KickStarter campaign video for his latest invention.

The Screw Grabber is a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. It’s quite simple and genius actually. It’s definitely a must have for all toolboxes!

Check out the campaign and KickStarter link below:



Chris Leung, the inventor of the FreedomCase and his team came to us in the new year with the desire to produce a clean, elegant, engaging and informative video for their KickStarter campaign. The FreedomCase is an innovative new case for Microsoft Surface tablets. It’s a highly versatile case in comparison to all other available alternatives currently out on the market today.

The production time itself was pretty hectic and last minute, but the end result is what we’re pleased to share with you today in this post. Give it a look, and be sure to share it with any of your friends/family who might own a Microsoft surface. I know i’m certainly excited to get one!

Their KickStarter page can be found over at:  or you can check them out on:


The Art of Zen

We’ve had quite the relationship with DJ Zen Freeman. Truth be told, he gave us our first start in the EDM realm when we were commissioned to do DJ visualizations for him a few years back. Ever since then we’ve been meaning to do a video production together of his worldly travels and gigs. The stars finally aligned not too long ago and we were able to link up with the busy man to put together this clip from a variety of his shows. It’s been our pleasure working with you Zen. More great times and adventures to come!


We’ll see you

all on the other side.



UFC on FOX 9 happened last night, and boy was it exciting! Team Alpha Male was out in full force and both Urijah Faber & Chad Mendes were able to full off the win. Urijah’s fight was probably one of the most exciting I’ve seen from him.  It’s always such a dynamic change when you interact with him in person and when you see him in the ring. Urijah is as nice and friendly as they come, but he’s an absolute beast once it’s game time.

We had a chance to produce a promo for TORQUE MMA last month which features both of these extreme superstars, as well as some others. Give it a look at the top of this post.

Congratulations again to both Urijah Faber and Chad Mendes!



A while back I met Wesley and Pamela through some very interesting real-life-friendster type of situations. You know, the situations where you’re somehow socially intertwined with strangers (or who you think are strangers) but turn out to be closer acquaintances than you’d expect? Well yes, we had one of those encounters.

Wesley said that he was a huge fan of our work, and that he was getting married in the coming months. He knew that we typically don’t do wedding type of work, but we’ll often make exceptions if the couples are great (and they definitely were) and were open to a different type of direction than you’d normally find wedding work to be. After a bit of convincing (and it didn’t take much, haha) we set a path to make a combination wedding/video/slideshow montage!

They recently tied the knot, so we’d just like to say…





We recently edited a promo clip together by the head honcho over at POSS MMA Apparel. The clip features two of their big sponsored fighters from BELLATOR:

War Machine and Vaughn Anderson

We treated the clip to a remix of the always bad-ass Hans Zimmer. We felt it help convey a much more dramatic, but sophisticated feel. Give it a look and see how you feel about it yourself!