Our friends over at Ignite Wonder Games had us capture some initial play demo’s of their newest social-buzzing game, Hackronyms. Kevin, the founder of Ignite Wonder Games wanted us to film the play test, as well as a short interview sequence for his upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

Check out some pictures below. Stay tuned for now!




Decided to check out Florentijn Hofman’s giant rubber duck with the Mrs. During an random outing.

Made a cinemagraph (continously looping) gif out of it.

looping cinemagraph rubber duck los angeles


City of Hope – Hispanic Heritage

City of Hope came back to us to produce a short promo for their Hispanic Heritage celebration for the month of September. Check out the video as some of the community members and employees share their viewpoint and experiences through the City of Hope lens.



In anticipation of Daniel Magazine’s re-branded launch in autumn, they’ve released a splash page portal on their website along with the video we shot and produced for them. Click on the image below to give the video a look, or check it out at the top of this post!




Jasmine & Jason

Jasmine has been a huge fan of our work for as long as we can remember. She’s an awesome gal, and hilarious to boot! What’s better is that she has always supported our vision and style, so of course when she asked for us to cover her Wedding, we had to say yes! Check out the video of the lovely couple. I’d dare anyone to tell me you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone as awesome as her, because it’s not gonna happen. Congrats guys!



Check out the video above to view a snippet of festival madness known as the Electric Daisy Carnival, featuring Paul Oakenfold during his Trance Mission tour!


Electric Daisy Carnival 2014

Another year, another EDC LAS VEGAS event. This time with electronic music royalty, Paul Oakenfold!

The Las Vegas speedway was crazy as ever, and being able to see it from a birds eye perspective really enhances the idea of how insanely ludicrous this electronic festival really is. Check out some of the pictures below just for a hint of the madness that is EDC, and stay tuned for the short recap video for Paul Oakenfold’s Trance Mission tour over at EDC 2014!



Daniel Magazine

Daniel Magazine is a leading lifestyle magazine for driven and hard working individuals. Originally just a magazine geared towards gay asian males, Daniel Magazine is gearing up for a rebranding this coming fall to include both the gay and straight community. We were lucky enough to capture some behind the scenes moments of their photoshoot, as well as an interview segment for an upcoming video we’re producing for them. They have a phenomenal understanding that the magazine should be geared towards driven and successful individuals, because those are actual qualities that define a persons character, as opposed to sexual orientation.

Check out some pictures below of some behind the scenes shots with some of the crew, and a sneak peak of what’s to come. Be sure to stay tuned!

dan_01 dan_04 dan_03 dan_07 dan_09 dan_11 dan_08 dan_02 dan_05 dan_06



As promised, here is the property highlight video of “Oneida”. More details about this can be found in earlier blog postings. Enjoy!


HGTV Status

We’re taking property showcase videos to the next level. Here’s the first of many motion graphics property videos that we’re putting out in conjunction with Dossier Capital. Check some of the screengrabs below, and be sure to check out the video posting very soon! Get ready to be amazed! HGTV MUCH?


E3 2014

Our second year attending the E3 conference, and it was just as awesome as the last! Being able to check out the next line of video games that will be coming out in the coming year is truly inspiring. Although the great console wars seem to be winding down, it’s always great to see what the big video game and entertainment companies have lined up for the general public. Here are a few shots of our experience during the convention!

e3_01 e3_05e3_02 e3_03e3_08 e3_04  e3_06 e3_07


Dossier Capital

On our last update, we mentioned that we’re currently in talks to elevate property videos. Dossier Capital is a very progressive company who not only rehab older homes and bring them into the new age, but they’re also developing positive change, that looks to enrich a communities surroundings. We’re very excited to track the the build of this home, as well as how we’re going to be showcasing the house in all of it’s video glory. Stay tuned!


The Partners Trust

We’re currently in the process of working with a couple of real estate developers in showcasing million dollar homes in video format. This is a very new venture for us, but there are some exciting things in the works! Stay tuned!


Arriany & Vintage Cars

We met up with our longtime friend and photobombing master, Sam Hon of Optical Panacea for his shoot with UFC ring girl, Ms. Arianny Celeste. We’ve shot many fun BTS (behind the scenes) shoots with them before, and this was no exception! Check out some stills from the shoot:

0902 03 04 05 06 07 081011 12 13 14 15



Every once in a while we all need a break from our everyday lives. Disconnecting ourselves from the internet and just relaxing and enjoying the weekend. This was precisely what we did with the crew out in Malibu. We killed two birds by also celebrating my birthday. Unfortunately we can’t share all of the fun we had, but check out some brief pictures of our view and the life-sized jenga set. Oh, and can’t forget the R8. Definitely can’t forget that :)