RiSE Lantern Festival

While out in Las Vegas the other weekend, we stopped by the RiSE Lantern Festival. The lantern release itself was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever witnessed in person. The beauty of that portion of the event was beyond spectacular. Truly a hallmark moment in life. The logistics of getting to, and especially leaving the venue, was one of the most horrifically unorganized and unsafe things i’ve ever attended.

I’d highly recommend for everyone to check out this event, if it was complete overhauled and restructured from the ground up. If it is run by the same people, in the same manner, I would not suggest the event to anyone. Check out their yelp reviews to get a small sense of the sheer madness most people had to go through RISE LAS VEGAS REVIEWS

At least we got some pretty good footage as a consolation!

rise_04rise_02rise_03 rise_01


4K resolution aerial drone

We have a new member to the team. Meet Salty Tiers Productions’ new drone, now fully capable of capturing footage in 4K resolution while utilizing the all-new GoPro 4 Black.

Watch out, people. Not even the sky is off-limits to us to film now. We’re coming for ya!

drone03 drone04 drone05


Chef Craig Thornton & Andrew Zimmern

We were lucky enough to catch a couple of seats at the famous high-concept “Wolvesmouth” dinner party at the Wolvesden. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Chef Craig Thornton takes you on a social experiment meets crazy/casual art gallery dinner party. More info on the wolvesmouth website

Coincidentally enough, there was also some other special guests that night. None other than Mr. Bizarre Foods himself, Andrew Zimmern. He even brought his crew with him since they were doing a segment on Chef Craig that very night! Andrew has to be one of the most easy-going, and nicest television personalities I’ve ever met. Check out the pictures below for a hint at some of the madness.

andrewzimmerman wolvesden01 wolvesden02 wolvesden03 wolvesden04 wolvesden06 wolvesden07chef_craig