Screw Grabber

A while back we posted about filming a Ducatti going upwards of 130 MPH and a lot of you guys were curiously wondering what that was for. The answer to this was the Screw Grabber. Philip Kauffman and his team came to us and entrusted us with producing a KickStarter campaign video for his latest invention.

The Screw Grabber is a transparent rubber sleeve that slides onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. It’s quite simple and genius actually. It’s definitely a must have for all toolboxes!

Check out the campaign and KickStarter link below:


Surprise Proposal

Typically we don’t post too many personally things here on this blog, but this news is just too exciting NOT to share! This past weekend I got engaged!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in helping to make this possible: Irene, Vinh, Crystal, Walt.

Also thanks to the team (Brian / CJ / Michael) for helping to capture the special moment. You guys really are super sneaky with those cameras!

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The people have spoken!

The FreedomCase KickStarter launched less than a week ago and it’s been nothing short of successful. In fact, the team was able to FULLY meet their $40,000 pledge goal in UNDER 24 HOURS! WOW!

The response from the community has been great. They still have a little more than 3 weeks to go on their campaign, and they’re well over DOUBLE of their goal financial amount with almost 2,000 backers! We’re very happy and proud for their early success, and even happier that they were gracious enough to have us produce their video.




Scroll down a couple of posts to check out the video!


The Sunday Times – Icons

The Thinker, Forrest Gump, Mad Men, Creation of Adam, Reservoir Dogs & Daft Punk!


This ad is just too awesome not to share. Beautifully shot and constructed. Each scene transitions so seemingly effortless to the viewer, just WOW. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage and making-of for ICONS:



Chris Leung, the inventor of the FreedomCase and his team came to us in the new year with the desire to produce a clean, elegant, engaging and informative video for their KickStarter campaign. The FreedomCase is an innovative new case for Microsoft Surface tablets. It’s a highly versatile case in comparison to all other available alternatives currently out on the market today.

The production time itself was pretty hectic and last minute, but the end result is what we’re pleased to share with you today in this post. Give it a look, and be sure to share it with any of your friends/family who might own a Microsoft surface. I know i’m certainly excited to get one!

Their KickStarter page can be found over at:  or you can check them out on:



Last night we were invited to check out the premiere of Stillmotion‘s first original documentary #standwithme

The film takes a dark and typically neglected topic of child slavery and tells it in a beautifully shot and narrated way that is both engaging, insightful, and surprisingly lighthearted. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of people who were so talented in their ability to tell such an carefully artistic, educational and yet uplifting story. I highly recommend for you guys to check them out and maybe even head out to a premiere if they’re heading towards your city!